Beautiful people are intimidating

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To discover the mistakes that will kill your chances of finding love, download Michelle's FREE ebook "The 12 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Chances Of Finding Mr.Never one to play it safe, Kangana Ranaut, bashing Indian patriarchy, has said that ‘Intimidating women aren’t worth having sex with’.

For example, estrogen has estrogen markers: large eyes, small chin and thick lips.

How we react to beauty is a mixture of biology and our society's interpretation of that biology.

It is the social status given to very attractive people that makes the rest of us too nervous to approach them.

I think it can be wise to try anything that comes your way, especially when you are young and trying to “figure it all out” (Spoiler: You won’t.

Don’t set your heart on achieving one thing, only one specific way, in order to feel happy and accomplished.

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